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The Public Inquiry took place online over 7 days from the 28th January - 5th February 2021.

All sessions are available on YouTube, along with the decision document, using the links below:

Public Inquiry Day 1

Public Inquiry Day 2

Public Inquiry Day 3

Public Inquiry Day 4

Public Inquiry Day 5

Public Inquiry Day 6

Public Inquiry Day 7

Appeal Decision Document


Day 3 was WyeCRAG witnesses starting at 2.52.45
Dr James McAdam spoke with Mr Charles Bain Smith on Heritage matters, resuming at 5.03.00 (after lunch) and then with Mr Jonathan Timms on the Viability of the WyeCRAG scheme starting at 6.29.35

Day 4 was for “Interested Parties”.
22 members of the public spoke, almost all entirely in favour of the WyeCRAG scheme. (26 mins in… WyeCRAG 3rd witness Tony Shoults on Community matters, then the public session “Interested Parties” starts at 1.22)

Media & Reports

Click on any links below:

  • BBC R4 "On Your Farm"
    ..the history of Wye College in Kent, which trained students of agriculture and horticulture for over a hundred years, before closing in 2009.

  • WyeCrag Closing Statement
    Notes for the closing subhmission for WyeCrag in PDF format

  • Letter from CPRE
    The Campaign to Protect Rural England communication to Ashford Borough Council regarding the Public Inquiry. PDF Format

  • Letter from SAVE Britains Heritage
    SAVE Britains Heritage letter to Ashford Borough Council regarding the Public Inquiry. PDF Format

  • Ashford Borough Council Planning and Development page
    All statements made at the Public Inquiry are available on the Ashford Borough Council website under Planning and Development: Public Inquiry - Former Wye College Appeals

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